About PubliQare

Content solutions for brands

We help brands to successfully create, manage and publish content in a digital world

We supply and integrate smart automation solutions to our clients that facilitate their creative processes, that improve the efficiency of content production and that fully support multi-channel publishing for digital, print and apps.

Since founding the company, we have been able to successfully work with hundreds of brands in publishing and retail, and we look forward to sharing our experiences to the benefit of your brand as well.

PubliQare is a part of the Qare Group, a marcom and publishing advisory and integration group with offices in The Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Portugal, that services clients across EMEA.

Jeroen Goemans


With over 20 years of experience in software sales and consultancy to the publishing and graphical industry, Jeroen is an industry expert when it comes to helping our clients find the right solutions to their issues. He was the founder of PubliQare in 2005, after working at one of the biggest Dutch Apple resellers as a commercial director for almost 8 years.


Russell Pierpoint

United Kingdom

Russell spent a good part of his working life in publishing, lastly at Reed Business where he worked in many international roles in the content management area. After working with WoodWing Software on his last project at Reed, he decided to set up a UK office with PubliQare that became Evolved Media Solutions. Russell is a great sparring partner for clients and one of the key EMEA experts on Elvis DAM.


Hans Fermont

Iberia and Scandinavia

Hans worked in several strategy and online consulting roles for almost 7 years before starting a career in software sales. He has worked for a broad range of medium-sized and large clients in Europe and beyond, and has focused on the international growth of PubliQare. He was a co-founder of the Qare Group with Jeroen in 2012 and served as a director for Evolved Media Solutions for 3 years.


Joris De Meurichy

Belgium and Luxembourg

Joris is active in the publishing industry since 2002. Working together with legal publishers as well as magazine publishers resulted in a lot of experience in organizing content and workflows. In 2020 Joris decided to focus on publishing solutions by starting the Belgian branch of PubliQare. Joris is well-known for delivering solutions, reliability and quality every day, which results in successful long-term partnerships.