Experience the freedom of structured working without care

Reduce errors in content and increase speed in publishing

From editing and design to enriching content and making it more easily searchable. With PublishOne everyone works in a central, cloud-based document and knows exactly what their tasks and privileges are. As a result, the creators and content writers can do what they do best, while publishing to any format can be accomplished up to 40% faster. From blog, app or whitepaper to textbooks, reports or novels in print. All from a single source file in PublishOne.

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A smarter way to publish in a familiar environment

PublishOne is the first publishing solution to give smart technologies to the people using it. Authors, researchers and editors can work in a completely familiar environment and focus on content. The only thing they see is a PublishOne ribbon in Word or an XML editor. Behind the scenes publishers and knowledge driven companies have a firm grasp on what’s next.


A better overview, more control and faster switching

PublishOne streamlines the whole process, from first draft to publication. You can fully configure the management function, so all tasks, roles and responsibilities are perfectly tuned. Everyone knows what they have to do and can see the current status of each document. Imagine this: no more issues with file versions, double work or unnecessary waiting on each other. That alone is enough reason to request a demo with PublishOne today.


Publish online and offline with the press of a single button

PublishOne helps you with publishing faster any way you want. XML-first, paper-first and crossmedia-first. Whether you publish on your own website, share knowledge through intranet or publish novels for e-readers, PublishOne simplifies the step from authorised content to publication to the single press of a button. We save content as neutrally as possible so you can use it for anything. The same content in any appearance.


Easy to use

• Intuitive interface
• Access via browser: highly available, scalable, accessible worldwide
• Use the standard editor Microsoft Word - even offline
• All text, layout, photos, videos and hyperlinks are structured automatically behind the scenes
• Easy configuration of your own workflows and user roles
• Always work with the latest version of your documents
• Collaborate with external contributors
• Consistent output quality through the use of templates
• Scalable and secure

Use case: Prelum Medical

“No more issues with file versions, double work or unnecessary waiting”


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