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Protected in the PQCloud

The PQCloud Marcom option provides you with a full-featured Elvis DAM solution that can integrate with standard creation tools from Adobe, proofing tools, catalog production with Easycatalog, Enfocus Switch, 2Imagine for brand production, and many more. Elvis offers you full brand control with the ease of use for your creative teams.

Control your creative production

Never been this easy

There is no such thing as easy in a creative process. Lots of people tend to have lots of different opinions, making things such as versioning, variants, proofing and process control critical for your organisation. Elvis DAM allows your creatives to work directly with their creating tools from the DAM, and your decision makers to review assets with shared links or with a PDF proofing tool.

Manage your brand

With PQCloud Marcom

Elvis DAM contains a standard brand portal that your organisation can use for distribution of brand-related assets. Marketing or product management are able to control the assets that are distributed to the organisation, making sure that your brand identity is managed in the best way.

PQ Cloud Marcom pricing

*From €69 per user per month (based on 20 concurrent users). Prices excl. VAT.

From €69

Based on 20 users*

DAM for agencies and marketing

from 5+ users

  • Elvis DAM with full options
  • Integration with InDesign and Photoshop
  • Automatic versioning
  • Metadata management
  • No additional hardware required
  • Zendesk support account included
  • Application support

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