Elvis DAM

WoodWing’s user-friendly DAM system.

Elvis is an HTML5 digital asset management system that can be used as a content production and metadata repository in itself, together with WoodWing Enterprise or Inception, or that can be integrated with existing publishing and retail IT-systems.

DAM for publishers, marketeers and agencies.

Elvis DAM is WoodWing’s digital asset management system for publishers, marketeers and agencies. Elvis can be used as a stand-alone solution for content production in agencies or brand environments, or in combination with other solutions such as WoodWing Enterprise, 2Imagine, proofing tools or PIM solutions. With its open API, Elvis DAM has a lot of integration opportunities.

Fast and reliable

Providing a solid cluster architecture, Elvis DAM has proven to be solution that is capable of supporting small to large organisations, providing a cost-benefit fitting to the client type. A technology that has proven to be fast and reliable, with super-fast search results and ease of use.


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