sQare Plugins

PubliQare customisations to make your life easier!

PubliQare can add more value to your projects by delivering custom plugins, such as for WoodWing Enterprise or Elvis DAM, or integrations with your existing IT systems. The most popular plugins are even on a price list and are maintained for new software versions.


A powerful tool for WoodWing Enterprise to export all your content as XML format. Supports DTD validation based on your XML requirements (XSLT), and export to any channel such as file systems, FTP or XMLRPC services. Multiple XSLTs can be supported.

from €60,00 per channel per month

sQare CreatePDF

Adds a contextual menu item and graphical user interface to Woodwing Content Station to create a PDF file of selected pages in a single, multiple layouts or a complete issue and send this file using email. The graphical user interface allows to user to set page parameters and email details.

from €49,00 per server per month

sQare CommentSaver

Overruling the default behavior of WoodWing Enterprise, this plug-in provides persistence to the comment field of WoodWing Objects, such as Dossiers, Layouts and Articles.

from €29,00 per month

sQare IssueGenerator

Adds a user interface into Woodwing Content Station that allows users to copy issue(s) and its contents to new or existing issues. Whenever issue content is copied to a target issue placements and relations for the copied objects are rebuilt instead of adding relations to the existing objects The user interface lets users select objects to be copied, rename objects select new issue properties like publication date, deadline etc.

from €89,00 per server per month

sQare TwixlPublisher

For publishing layouts from the WoodWing Enterprise workflow to a Twixl publication package.

€20 1 site licence per year

sQare TwixlEntitlementService

Entitlement server for publishing content to the Twixl platform.

sQare TaskOverview

The Sqare Task Overview application displays a list of tasks and their deadline based on selected filters, i.e. brand and issue, with an option to assign task to a usergroup or user using a contextual menu. It also allows you to set a task priority and priority order by dragging the task up or down the list.


CheckExternal is a WoodWing Enterprise 9.8 plugin for communication with WeShare Cumulus


This plugin provides a mechanism to let an object be approved by several people. Each user's response will be tracked and can be viewed in a report. It's up to the person that created the flow to decide when to close the approval flow.

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