WoodWing Studio

The world’s #1 multi-channel production system.

With Studio, WoodWing has taken content production and multi-channel publishing to the next level. It enables creative teams to work together on content productions in the cloud, and publish to online, print, tablet or mobile.

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#1 content creation tool

WoodWing Studio is the #1 content creation tool for publishers and marketeers. With over 1,000 installations worldwide, WoodWing supports creation of content for multichannel publishing to websites, print, mobile, tablets, and any other digital channel. With its open architecture and API, it’s a great tool for customers to build their business on.


Proven solution

With client applications Content Station and Smart Connection, users are provided with an easy way to access the Enterprise platform. Whether you want to start creating with your own team, or with your freelancers, Woodwing Studio makes it possible. Proven solution to create magazines, newspapers, education, books, and marketing materials for multiple channels.

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